Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harley Quinn Cast in 'DKR'?

This just in from

Nolan is looking to add Juno Temple to the cast as a "street smart Gotham girl," which would be a great way for her to gain some more mainstream exposure and make for another talented addition to an already talent-heavy cast.

A "street smart Gotham girl"? Why not a Joker fan girl cone completely crazy with Clown Prince of Crime infatuation? This Juno is no pregnant highschooler with a penchant for lounge chairs and Sherlock Holmes-style pipes. This Juno is all about Atonement, being a Wild Child, and taking out enemies in A Single Shot.

Come on Mr. Nolan, there's no way you're leaving Mr. J's lover out of your third installment, are you?

No fucking way.