Friday, December 17, 2010

Tom Hardy Not Playing Dr. Strange

We can probably safely rule Hardy out as Bane, too.

Looks like Tom Hardy is out as Dr. Hugo Strange, as indicated by batman-on-film:

I can tell you who he [Hardy] is NOT playing: Hugo Strange. This comes to me via a very solid source, so you can at least start heading to the bank with it. Who IS Hardy going to play? We'll know in early 2011...or so I hear.

This opens up several possibilities about what role Hardy might play. It's likely that if he's not someone like Deadshot or Black Mask, he would be Sgt. Max Cort or perhaps even Harvey Bullock. Cort, as you might know, is the rogue cop in the Gotham PD obsessed with Batman. Dr. Strange later manipulates Cort into donning a disguise as a vigilante in order to blame Batman for further crimes.

So, thus far we've got Dr. Strange as a principal villain, and possibly a bad cop in Max Cort to boot. With Nolan scouting locations in Asia, it's becoming increasingly likely Talia al Ghul will join the roster of villains for 'DKR' as well.

Of course, there's still nothing official coming from Nolan or anybody at WB just yet. For all we know, all these rumors are just running interference for the actual story. We should know with certainty who the main villains will be sometime early next year. For now, it's probably a safe bet to go with Dr. Strange and a bad cop as two possible adversaries for the Dark Knight.


  1. Dr. Strange sounds really cool. Still, I'd like to see Harley o nthe big screen. *sigh* Maybe it's for the best though, considering what Hollywood does to female characters.