Monday, January 10, 2011

A Leaked 'DKR' Script? Don't Bet On It

i09 has a supposed leaked script for the 'Dark Knight Rises' with some pretty juicy details. While it hasn't declared it real or not, if anything it makes for some interesting copy. Here are the highlights:

  • The assassin Deadshot is broken out of prison and brought to Gotham City
  • Crime is way down in Gotham, and Batman has become more of a myth than anything else
  • Batman has a Batwing-like aircraft called "The Wraith", a rebuilt Wayne Manor and Batcave, and an EMP-equipped Batmobile
  • Wayne Enterprises is struggling with competition (and a lawsuit) from Daggett Industries, and Lucius Fox feels he must turn against the irresponsible Bruce Wayne
  • The villainous Black Mask has hired Deadshot and is working with Roland Daggett, although it's unclear who he's been hired to kill (probably either Batman or Bruce Wayne, of course)
  • Edward Nashton has the Riddler's name but Hugo Strange's character, as he has figured out Batman's identity and uses this to mess with the Dark Knight's head
  • Commissioner Gordon and a Detective Adams are heading up a taskforce to catch Batman
  • Talia al Ghul makes a brief appearance.
So, we basically have four, maybe even five villains if you count Roland Daggett and Talia al Ghul. Right off the bat, that sounds like overkill even by 'Spider-Man 3' proportions. How are we supposed to get to know up to five new foes in all of two and half hours of screen time?

While all the villains are certainly candidates for the next Batman film, all of them together is nothing short of a clusterfuck. I doubt Nolan would make the mistake of having that many villains pop up in one movie. And why have a character named after Edward E. Nigma, but with Hugo Strange's traits? Is this supposed to be a new character? I'm already confused, and I'm pretty familiar with Batman's villains. How is the average moviegoer who may not be up to speed on the intricacies of the Batman universe supposed to understand what's going on?

Also, as io9 points out, there's no mention of a second female lead, which Nolan was supposedly casting for. We already know Bruce Wayne is supposed to have a love interest and perhaps a female villain of some kind. If Talia only makes a "brief appearance" how does she even qualify as a main component of the story? So, that part makes no sense.

The only part of this supposed leak that I would agree is likely is the part about Commissioner Gordon heading up a task force to capture Batman. That follows in light of the events from 'Dark Knight.' I'm not sure about Lucius Fox abandoning Wayne Enterprises, either. Fox has to know, like Gordon and Alfred, that Batman did not actually commit the crimes he is taking the burden for. If so, why would he leave his friend and employer, Bruce Wayne? Does he leave before or after he designs the aircraft for the Caped Crusader?

I'm dismissing this script as complete, unsubstantiated rumor. I can't figure out for the life of me why Script Flags (who found the leak) calls this the "best fake we've ever come across." At best, it's a sophomoric, incoherent mess with too many villains, questionable characterization, and nonsensical plotting. 'Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer' had a more coherent story than this. If by some chance this actually is the script for 'DKR,' then let's hope it's an early treatment that got revised many times.


  1. Happy to see another post!
    This is just annoying. Stupid leaked fake. Thank you for letting us know about it, though, and I share your hope that this isn't anything like the real one. :D

  2. Sure thing, Alex. At least I hope it's fake, because we all know Nolan can do a lot better.