Saturday, February 12, 2011

JGL to Play Gangster Alberto Falcone

According to beehivecity it's purely speculation now, but it appears JGL will play Alberto Falcone, the estranged son of deposed Gotham gangster Carmine Falcone from 'Batman Begins.'

You might remember Carmine as the man who "invented" the Bat signal:

How to know you've hit rock bottom in your criminal career: A vigilante dressed as a flying mammal beats up your goons and straps you to a police search light.

Even though it's still just a rumor, I'm going to go ahead and stamp this news tidbit as 100% Grade A correct. It was doubtful, if not improbable, that Levitt would have played Dick Grayson/Robin as Nolan has insisted many a time the Boy Wonder would not make an appearance in his films. And Hugo Strange was out also on account of the older age of the character.

So, it's likely that Levitt will play a minor but nonetheless threatening gangster in 'Rises.' I doubt he'll see much more screen time than Sal Maroni did in 'Dark Knight.' What's interesting, though, is that with the addition of Levitt as a new gangster, we get somewhat of a glimpse of the potential plot. It sounds like in the wake of Joker's apprehension and with Batman on the run from law enforcement, the Gotham criminal underworld will rush to fill the leadership void. Remember, Gambol and his goons are gone, and most of Maroni's men, and Maroni himself, were killed or incapacitated in 'Knight.' This leaves Alberto Falcone the chance to reassert his namesake's dominance, while perhaps having to battle Bane or other gangsters.

Or, Alberto could simply be on a one man crusade to kill the man who imprisoned his father. And Bane could be a hired killer, a lone wolf type. And how does Catwoman figure into all of this? We should find out more answers in the coming weeks as more roles are cast and we get a more definitive plot from Nolan. Stay tuned.

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