Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'Mal' Joining the 'DKR' Cast?

"So uh...Mal, what's with always building sand castles that look like the Bat Cave?"

So says ecorazzi about 'Inception' star Marion Cotillard who played DeCaprio's troubled lover in the summer 2010 classic heist:

Now it’s being reported that Cotillard is once again being considered for a part in the Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises, this time as a potential romantic interest for Christian Bale.

So far, nothing's confirmed, but Nolan appears to be in talks with several other actresses for what will probably be the role of Talia al Ghul.

Well, we all know Marion can play an angry, jilted woman quite well thanks to her turn as the semi-psychotic Mal in 'Inception.' If Nolan is going for a good balance of sexy and sinister, you could probably not do a femme fatale better than Cotillard.

Of course, it would be nice to see Natalie Portman in 'Dark Knight Rises,' if only to see her team up with Gary Oldman again. You might remember the last time those two did a movie. They were quite the professionals:

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